Key of David


All screen shots on this page have a hyperlink to enlarge them and view as a JPG file. This collection of working drawings serve to show the divine creator behind the work started in August 2009. The call has gone out and continues to go out presenting to artists who know the Spirit of truth and have met and come into a life changing and life giving relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ, who is the only hope for the nations and holds the key of David in his hand as seen and witnessed by John and recorded as a testimony in Revelation 3:7-8.

These screen shots have been published

and made available for easy viewing.

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We have seen called 41 artist to date who are all presently working on their own individual canvas lots that make up the whole centre section and are now being assigned canvas lots on the left and right side of this huge work of art.

Email: Bryan Pollard

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in New Zealand to register your interest in knowing more about this great opportunity to become part of this creative adventure with God.

Line and color coordination files hyperlinked at a click to full size to assist artist with there own coordination

lot by lot. The group heads have a full briefing on this

from the creative Director and art directors Bryan, Janine and Jo. Len has also created a PDF planner that is on file with the group heads. The grid system will help you see how space and line interfaces with those around your lot.

The tone values are regulated and interfacing with the high

light canvas lots of Janine and Fay. The color graduation

bands have the recipes numbers to also assist color use and recognition and Group heads and all arts with signed

off prototype artwork audited have published next to their Screen shots nine lots that collaborate near to them. If you have any questions then connect with your coordinators.

We are encouraging every artist to collaborate with us all as we seek to finish all the lots to finished master works in time for the G4G and MTG

in London 2012 at the Olympic Games gathering this Summer.

Bryan Pollard Creative Director